Queen's Garden Long Term Care Residence

80 Queen Street North, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 3P6
"A top-quality long term care residence"

Care Services

Our residents benefit from access to 24-hour nursing care and a host of personal support services geared toward maintaining or improving their quality of life and positively benefitting their health and happiness. Our goal is to help provide residents and their families with the peace of mind they deserve.

Admission Process
For residents of Ontario, all applications to Long Term Care homes are coordinated by local Home and Community Care Support Services organizations who plan, integrate and fund local health care. To learn more about long term care coordination in your community, please visit healthcareathome.ca.
Call if you are trying to contact a resident or staff member. 905-972-8889

Residence Contacts

Administrator Contact Info
Candace Lanthier
905-972-8889 ext. 1100

Director of Care Contact Info
Penny Fox
905-972-8889 ext. 1300

Infection Prevention and Control Lead Contact Info
Jeannette Xaypharath
905-972-8889 ext. 1342